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    Review By Sebastian Bailey (Instagram)

    Review By Sebastian Bailey (Instagram)

    So here we are a family of 3, well 4 and the dog, writing this is Mum, real name Megan, we have Dad, Wills and our baby boy Sebastian. We are a new family with Sebastian being 13 months so were new to all this labelling business, no sleep, lack of time and running around with ten jobs in mind. I’ve come across Stamp tastic looking for convenience and how to save time and my fingers from not being able to sew.


    So let's talk about Sewing, well or not sewing. I am useless with day to day jobs like that being a firsttime mum now trying to fit everything in, I loved the idea of just stamping my child's name on the label. I found Stamp tastic a brilliant product, we received one stamp, a white fabric pen and the stamp pad.


    From start to finish we loved completing our order. The details you can add are really key to creating a product and the ladies at Stamp tastic have done this. We went for Sebastian’s full name and an elephant with that being his favourite animal. I could imagine an older child being very excited to choose their own font and animal for their stamp, it would have an excited effect and a creative activity to involve the kids. With Sebastian begin 13 months I got to choose what I thought was best. We decided to go for the Comic Sans MS, I thought this font was quite current and clear for printing on the clothes. I loved the idea of some of the fonts being cursive for the kids that are learning to read and write because it would be easier for them to recognise their own names when looking for their items at school. Finally it was very easy to checkout securely and they offered a range of payment methods which is key these days as there’s so many different accounts.  From the ordering process to the delivery was very quick. I would say within 3 days, we received our order which is brilliant when you think they are made personalised. The order came packaged securely and wrapped professionally, I was so excited to open the order and see the stamp and how it would turn out. But we were delighted, and cannot thank Stamp tastic enough for the high quality of the products.

     Personalised Rubber Stamps

    Starting off when we went to start stamping I wasn't sure where to start but the clear instructions worked a treat and they were simple and baby brain friendly. We started straight away using them all on the labels for anything Sebastian wears for nursery and playgroup. It took a simple imprinting the ink pad and straight onto the label to complete. At first I was wiggling the stamp in the pad, but this is not needed at all the ink pad is much pigmented and transfers very well. We did use the white fabric pen for the inside of changing bag and for Sebastian’s shoes with them being black it meant that it really stood out, with the pen I couldn’t quite get the hang of it but my best advice is too go over it a couple of times to make sure the name is clear we then ran a baby wipe over it the next day and nothing wiped away so then we used the shoes from there. As a result of having everything labelled it means that it will all come back to us at the end of the day once Sebastian has finished nursery. A big pile of his clothes now takes 5 minutes instead of spending endless evenings sewing.

     Personalised Rubber Name Stamps

    The stamps withhold up to 50 washes, which is brilliant. I wash Sebastian's clothes at 40 degrees and I have not seen any difference with the first wash to the 6thwash, looking forward to seeing the 50thwash results. I'm really impressed with the quality of the stamp and ink. Going forward I will continue to purchase from a genuine company, providing excellent products. I didn’t realise at first the extent that they offer on the website so if you’ve a spare 5 minutes, do have a look, I’m building my wish list already. What have you got on yours?

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