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    Review By Sophie Taylor MumBlog

    Review By Sophie Taylor MumBlog

    What a fantastic concept! I’d like to start off by saying a big thank you to Fran and Emma for making my mumming life just that little bit easier! It’s the small wins like this that keep us sane :)

    The first thing I was pleasantly surprised by is how the Personalised Rubber Stamps are so easy to use, my four year old son is so impressed and wants to stamp EVERYTHING. I’ve had to draw a line at Teddy’s nappies ;) Simply take your little Customised Stamp, press down on to your ink pad (no wiggling needed) and press down on to your chosen item! You literally can’t go wrong. So simple but very effective.


    We’ve also enjoyed thinking outside the box, not just using the stamps on clothing, but on books, homework, planners, even pencils and pens etc! I am now considering buying some stamps for mine and my husbands items for work. I love how versatile Stamptastic is, it isn’t just for children’s items, you can use them on just about any items!


    When you have children (especially more than one) I think being organised is key, and these stamps have made me feel just that. I know that all of the boys clothes, hats, shoes and bags are now clearly stamped. Meaning no more rooting through the lost property box at school or nursery for ages trying to fish through all of the other non labelled items. I can’t tell you how many things we have lost and how much money we have wasted through simply not having labelled items! Now that Frankie can read his own name, I’ve made sure he knows to check he has all of his clothes and bags at home time and I’ve recently noticed him checking labels for his name since we got stamping happy, so sweet!


    One of Frankie’s teachers noticed his name stamped in his coat the other day when it was on his peg, she asked how I’d done it and commented on how neat it looked!


    I can also safely say the Rubber Stamps have excellent staying power, most of our clothing items have been washed at least three to four times since we stamped them and they haven’t budged in the slightest! Admittedly (though not recommended for the stamps) I do wash all the boys clothes on quite a high wash, I have to because, well boys will be boys and their clothes do get quite grubby, but the stamps have handled the heat and stayed in place!!


    I have tried other alternatives on the market in the past and they’ve just not worked for us. I can’t sow to save my life and I wouldn’t be able to tell you how many iron on tags I’ve found in the bottom of my washing machine! We’ve tried everything from labels, tags to permanent marker and none beat the stamptastic stamps in my eyes.

    Rubber Name Stamps


    I have seen people who have had these stamps for many months, and they don’t dry out (providing you keep the ink pad in the resealable pouch provided). So price wise, besides being extremely affordable to start off with, they will last you a very long time meaning they are worth every penny and more.

    White Fabric Pen


    Another great little must have from Stamptastic is the White Fabric Marker Pen. Excellent for writing on dark items, on shoes, bags etc. Just give the pen a shake and press down on the nib a couple of times and you’re good to go. So easy to write with, you could even get crafty and make your own little designs with this fabric marker! It dries very fast, the pen doesn’t dry out, and again does not come off in the wash, 10/10 from us!

    I just love how you can put your own little stamp on the stamps, see what I did there? You can personalise the stamps to your taste, by changing the font, letter size and layout. You can make your stamp look extra cute and even add your own little icon anywhere you like on the stamp. There are different categories to choose from for your little icons/emojis, from transport to sport, great for sports kits etc We decided on a little panda bear to go on the end of Teddy’s name!

    Thanks again Stamptastic, you’re an absolute game changer!

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