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Remember those white with red text sew in labels that we had at school (back in the day!!)? Poor mama’s (or papa) having to sew them into every single clothing item! All that time (that we haven’t got!), all that effort not to mention the itchy, uncomfortable tag.

Well that was the past and Stamptastic Personalised Rubber Name Stamps are the future!

Sienna and I were kindly gifted a stamp set from Emma and Fran at Stamptastic.

Stamps are complete in seconds and there is absolutely no skill involved whatsoever! #lifehack #timesaver

Stamptastic Personalised Rubber Name Stamps


Designing the stamp was our favourite, a chance to be creative! There are a wide range of fonts, sizes and icons to accompany your chosen text and it’s completely upto you what you choose to have on your stamp. The clarity of the stamp transfer is amazing and lasts through multiple washes and tumble dryer cycles! I’m addicted to stamping now!  

Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps

Sienna is due to start nursery soon and we’ve been asked to pack 3 different outfits every day!!! I don’t know about you, but I spend more money on Sienna’s clothes than I do my own so I certainly don’t want them to go missing! I’m also a teacher so I know first hand how many PE kits, uniforms and socks (yes, socks!) go missing on a daily basis! The Stamptasic Personalised Rubber Name Stamps are a fabulous way for busy mama’s to personalise clothing and accessories efficiently and effectively. 100% recommended!

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