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We are the Candy family with three active girls who are 8, 6 and 4.  Between them they participate in about 30 hours of sports or activities each week!  Therefore, with the amount of kit they have, from school clothes to sports kits, I am always looking for great ways to label their clothes and accessories, so that they don’t get lost.  I have previously used a pen or sticky labels but both have not done well when it has come to washing, they have faded or come off.  Also with the girls leotards, which have to be very tight fitting, the sticky labels used to rub their skin.


Ordering and delivery;

When asked to try out the Stamptastic Personalised Rubber Stamps we jumped at the chance.  First we had to order our stamp kit, which was incredibly easy.  The website was easy to use with a step by step approach, and the girls got to choose how their names would look. There are several different fonts to choose from and you can see how they will look when choosing. There were also many icons to choose from, to add to the name stamp, something for everyone.  My girls chose the ladybird, rainbow and butterfly for their stamps just because they were their favourites.  We ordered one rubber stamp for each girl, with both their first and surname on, and then a family name stamp, which is always handy for hand me down kit or things that the whole family use.  We printed off a sample of how the stamp would look so that we could check if it would fit on the main care labels we would use.  We added on an ink pad and a white fabric pen to the order and at this point the girls got very excited about stamping their clothes.

Delivery was really quick, which was good as I had some very excited girls who couldn’t wait to get stamping.  The package included the four stamps, an ink pad, a white fabric pen and a set of instructions, which were really clear and simple.


Using the stamps;

The customised name stamps are incredibly easy to use and one stamp can be done in about 10 seconds, which is handy when you have a lot of kit to label up!  The girls had a little practice on some paper and then were let loose on some of their own clothes.  I was a little scared about this as I like their things to look neat and tidy, however their stamps looked great with really clear impressions.  Each time we used the stamp it only took a quick press onto the ink pad and that was enough ink to leave a really good stamp of their name.  Each ink pad should last 2 years and at least 2000 impressions, so we should have plenty of ink to keep us going.  The ink pad comes in a little sealed plastic bag which it needs to remain in when not in use, so I have been teaching the girls about this and now they are very protective of the ink pad and the little bag!

When stamping we mainly stamped on care labels which is recommended, however a few items didn’t have care labels, such as my daughter’s gymnastic loops, therefore we stamped straight onto the material.  Again, this left a clear impression which was really easy to read.  The girls have also started stamping other accessories such as pencil cases, water bottles, hair brushes, snack pots and bags. All having great results.

Rubber Name Stamps


We have washed many of the items a couple of times in the last week, with our normal washing, using both bio and no-bio washing powder and fabric conditioner, and the stamp impressions have remained clear. We have been very impressed with this as we were worried that they would fade, and we would have to keep stamping the same item of clothing.


Another thing that really impressed us was when my daughter wanted to stamp her name in her swimming costume less than 2 hours before her swimming lesson, I said, why not, let’s give it a go.  The stamp impression was still just as clear after her lesson as it was beforehand.

Custom Rubber Stamp 

White fabric marker;

The stamps are great for care labels and where black ink will show up but it wont work on everything.  That is where the white fabric marker comes into its own. It has been great for tap shoes and hockey shin pads to name a few things. It is easy to write with, dry’s quickly, doesn’t smudge and has lasted from rubbing from the girls feet and shins!


 White Fabric Pen



We love our Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps and can’t stop stamping anything that doesn’t have a name in it already! It has saved time, works well, looks great, lasts and we would definitely recommend them.

Now to make sure all the holiday items are labelled up for next week, although I might need to get a stamp for me so that I can label things that are mine!


Ellie and the Candy girls



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