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Review - Life of Isla Rose

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We were kindly gifted these products to review by Stamptastic. However we still had to order through the website like any other customer! I was a bit worried at first as didn’t want to mess up my Persoanlised Name Stamp! I can’t believe how easy it was! There’s a choice of fonts, font size and icons! I wanted to make sure I got the right size stamp as being a baby a lot of Isla's labels are quiet small! Luckily for me there is an option to print off a preview of the stamp so you can check the size! This was super handy and ensured everything was perfect!


Delivery was super quick and took less than a week for my stamp to arrive! There was a clear set of instructions with my order, I read these a couple of times to make sure I knew how to do it correctly!


Stamping the actual products was so easy! You just place your rubber stamp in the ink pad and then straight onto the label! Be sure to do this on a hard surface and don’t wriggle the stamp about as it will leave marks! Just a quick dab will do! My advice to anyone would be to get a piece of paper and do a couple of practice runs if you are worried! It’s super easy but can be confusing the first time you stamp! Also don’t get too carried away! I think I stamped everything in sight 🙈



Now this is all well and good but do the stamps last? The answer to that is yes! Yes they do! They last 50 washes on care labels before they fade! I’ve washed Isla's clothes several times since stamping and the stamp looks as good as new! It really is amazing!

Rubber name Stamp

Caring for your products

Like anything if you want stamptastic to last you need to care for the products! The ink pad comes in a little plastic bag and it’s important that you keep the pad in the bag to avoid it drying up! 

Custom Rubber Stamp

Is it worth the money?

My answer to this is yes! 100% yes! Ironing labels is very time consuming and they don’t often last! The same with sticker labels I find they tend to ping off after a while! I see the stamptastic customised stamps as an investment! The amount you spend on little sticker or iron labels over the year you could buy a stamptastic and it will last even longer! You can also just get your last name so you can use the stamp on all of your children if you have more than one!

Thank you!

I hope this blog post has helped you if you are considering buying a stamp! It really is worth your while just don’t get too addicted and start stamping the cat or something haha! Thank you to stamptastic for allowing me to try and review your amazing products!

Danielle x



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