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    Review By Two Little Ladies and Mum

    Review By Two Little Ladies and Mum

    Recently we were chosen to be brand ambassadors for Stamptastic. The lovely ladies who own this business Fran and Emma kindly sent us some products to test out.

    We were sent two personalised name stamps, an ink pad and a white marker for fabric.

    On the website you have all options available to fully personalise the name stamps, you can choose from one line or two, for the girls I chose two lines so I could include their surname just in case anyone was to have the same first name. When personalising the name stamps you have the choice to add an icon next to the name.

    There are numerous icons to choose from, from animals to zodiac signs! For Rhyleigh-Mais stamp we chose a crown and for Rosie’s we chose a rainbow, if the name is short enough you can fit an icon onto either side of the name.

    Also when personalising the name stamps there is a selection of fonts and sizes of font to choose from you can preview the way your customised stamp will look before placing an order and it is also recommended that you print the name stamp beforehand to check that it will fit onto the labels/ items that you will using it with.

    Rhyleigh-mai is currently 6 years old and attends primary school, she is always leaving and losing parts of her uniform at school as the previous name tags we have used haven’t lasted while washing etc. I cannot count the amount of times she has brought other children’s clothes home from school, recently it was her friends coat luckily when the tag had came away I wrote on the label in pen so she was able to swap back because the other parents were able to just about make out who it belonged to.

    Now we have her rubber name stamp I have gone a bit ‘stamp happy’ and stamped every item of clothing to ensure she doesn’t lose any and if she does take her cardigan off at school then the teachers will be able to see who it belongs too! The stamp comes out on to the labels so bold and is so easy to use it takes seconds to stamp what you are trying to, the name stamps will withhold 50 washes without fading on care labels.

    Rosie is 19 months old and will soon be starting nursery so we will definitely be labelling everything she takes with her as I know how hectic it can get in a nursery/pre school when you have set amounts of children that all need changing in to spare clothes or take their jumper or shoes off themselves. We also are attending baby groups which lots of the children have the same or similar clothing which can easily be mixed up if one of the children need changed or they take part in a messy activity, I cannot wait to get ‘stamp happy’ with Rosie’s clothing too!


    The white fabric pen that we received has came in so handy with both girls shoes and Rhyleigh-Mai’s school book bag. As the fabric pen is white it stands out on coloured and dark fabrics which is great, I wrote Rhyleigh-Mai’s name on the inside of her bag as it is so easy for the small card in the back that has her name on to fall out and get lost! The pen once shook and pressed a couple of times to get the ink to flow  glides so easy across the fabrics which made it quick and easy to write the girls names in their bags and shoes.

    Labelling school uniform

    Everything in our order came so well packaged, each item was individually wrapped to prevent them getting broken and then sent in a bubble bag to protect them further, even better I think they arrived 3 days after I had ordered them which is amazing for a personalised item!

    I am definitely not going to be going back to iron on labels or using a standard pen to write on clothing anymore, the stamps and pen save so much time, are very effective and are great value for money especially in the long run when you are forever having to buy new stick on or iron in labels when they have came out in the wash.

    We are so grateful to be given the opportunity to become brand ambassadors for this lovely company and thankful for the items Fran and Emma sent to us, I definitely look forward to carry on purchasing from their business and hopefully soon I will be buying stamps for more than just the children’s clothes.


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