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I was very lucky to be chosen to receive the fantastic Personalised Rubber Stamps from stamptastic. Stamptastic have came up with this ingenious way of quickly and efficiently labelling your children’s clothing and school uniform by stamping their name into the label using a cute personalised stamp and washable ink! This takes seconds and couldn’t be any easier. Everything from ordering to receiving and using the stamps was super easy.

Name stamps for school uniform

Stamptastic have a very easy to navigate website where ordering your stamp/s is quick and easy. When you visit the website your find plenty of options to make your rubber stamp personal to your child. You can choose from one line or two lines, a varied choice of fonts and plenty of great fun symbols. First you chose if you’d like one or two lines, then type your name and choose your preferred font. Once you’ve done that the fun part begins, you get to choose you symbol. There are several categories from nature to food to sports. I was luckily gifted 7 stamps, one for each of my children plus one for our family name, so I got to choose lots of different symbols. My favourite is the little ladybird.

The stamps arrived within 5 days and the postage was FREE! Each stamp was individually wrapped in tissue paper and then wrapped in bubble wrap and inside a bubble wrap envelope. There were also clear instructions for use.

I couldn’t wait to get stamping and haven’t stopped. Stamptastic recommend stamping the white care labels as the stamp will withhold 50 washes on that material without fading. The stamp was very easy to use and left a very clear print of my children’s names. I’ve washed their uniform a few times since I got stamping and I’ve not noticed any fading of the name. They wash brilliantly and I use a 40 degree cycle.

I’ve found the stamps so simple to use and I no longer dread September and having to label the mountain of uniform, using the stamp takes seconds and no hassle. I will no longer have to choose between stitching in fiddly labels or ironing on ones that eventually come out in the wash. And I’m not even worried that the stamp will wash out after 50 washes as it’s so simple to just grab the ink pad from the drawer and re stamp.

Stamptastic also sent me a white fabric pen for labelling shoes and any other coloured fabric. I used this to write my youngest son’s name inside his school shoes and I used it to label my teenage sons school football socks that they lose all the time and cost £5 a pair.

Overall I’m super happy with what I received and I’d advise anyone who has school uniform to label to invest in a stamptastic stamp and ink pad.

Thank you stamptastic for giving us this great opportunity to review your item.


The Baldwin Family


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