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So life as a mum of two children, who take part in a multitude of activities and clubs and running two businesses, leaves me with very little time to spare. So I am always on a look out for little parenting hacks and things to help me along the way. 

We were recently invited by Stamptastic to test their Personalised Name Stamp range and I jumped at the chance. Stamptastic make Personalised Rubber Stamps to label personal belongings so this seemed the perfect product for us to give a whirl. Elliot, my son is 7 and seems to grow like a weed and I feel like I am constantly buying new school uniform for him that is always needing to be labelled so it doesn’t disappear without a trace the minute it crosses the school gates. I also have Amelie who is 20 months and just off to nursery for the first time so again all her stuff needs labelling too.

Now like I said I am busy, crazy busy and still seem to be suffering with total baby brain, (I swear I pushed out some brain cells when giving birth), and I need life to be quick and simple to keep me on track.

Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps

I do not have time to sit there sewing name tape after name tape into all the kids clothes and lets be honest here my hand sewing skills leave a lot to be desired - you should see the state of Elliot’s badges on his Beaver’s uniform. I have tried also the sticker name tapes in the past which whilst look good to start with, do not seem to stand the test of constant washing.


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