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    Review By Honest Mum Of Two (Instagram)

    Review By Honest Mum Of Two (Instagram)

    Well where do I start... Firstly this product certainly is STAMPTASTIC !!!  

    When ordering your Personalised Name Stamp firstly you can choose one or two lines which is great, There are 8 different fonts to choose from then you even get a preview of what your stamp will look like which makes it really easy to choose and not feel like you may choose wrong.  My most favourite part was definitely picking a symbol there are 17 to choose from and after a long look i picked my son Carter a dinosaur as he loves them so much and a I picked my Bliss Belle a butterfly as I always call her my ‘Bliss Belle Butterfly’ Both stamps are really great for us, You can also choose to put the symbol on the left, the right or even both sides.  Once the stamps arrived Carter was so impressed he kept asking me to use them over and over again so they were a big hit in our house.

    In my order I received a Stamptasic Ink Pad , 2 Name Stamps , and A White Fabric Pen.

    After I first received my stamps I firstly stamped a piece of paper and I was so impressed with how quick and easy it was. My son has just started nursery and I couldn’t have needed Stamptastic more right now. Firstly I stamped all of his spare clothes for his bag. I stamped in total 4 tops and 4 trousers this took me 1 minute, I couldn’t believe how quick and stress-free this was.  Then I used the White Fabric Pen to write Carters name on his lunch box as so many of the children love paw patrol even with his name card on his lunch box there was still a mix up. But now we have Carter wrote in big white letters there are no worries.

    Last week my darling Bliss Belle was in hospital, we was there for 5 days so I had to take a nice big bag of clothes in with us. I ended up stamping all of Bliss Belle’s clothes and wow was I pleased I did. Getting out of the car with everything going on I ended up leaving my bag on the floor outside the ward then a nurse found my bag! If it wasn’t for my Stamptastic labels on her clothes she would never of known. Once again twice in 2 weeks Stamptastic really benefited us.

    Stamptastic Name Stamps for School Uniform

    So next I used Carters dinosaur stamp on his pencil case and wow was that enjoyable.. How addictive are these stamps I really don’t know if I should be having this much fun while doing this.. Anyway of I went stamping away and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to Stamp a little ridge on a pencil then the ease of knowing I can quickly Stamp anything of his before we leave or even when he is a little older he can stamp his homework himself at home. All round this product has done and is going to do very well in our house.

    I also am home-schooling my two babies, We do all sorts of work on paper so we are constantly just writing their names  on the top of the paper however now they can stamp their names on their own which just makes that homework a bit more cool for them! Otherwise after we have finished our tasks I can just quickly stamp them myself.

    These stamps have so many uses from clothes to paper and I would greatly recommend them to friend and family.

    (By Danielle @thehonestmumoftwo on instagram)


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