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I heard about Stamptastic through Instagram and looked into this because I'm a mum of two girls, one aged 5 years old and she started reception last September and my other daughter is 6 month old. My partner works in the events and planning industry so I do mostly the sorting out of uniforms to get them ready for the day before as his work schedule is crazy.

We took the plunge and ordered from this brand as in the past I've used 2 other methods of writing labels in uniforms, the first is pen which is not good as it just fades in the wash and the second is iron on labels and I found these to shrivel up in the dyer or peel of in the wash. I needed something more permanent because even though she's been at school for a short period of time with these methods she's lost cardigans and jumpers or mixed up with someone else's and it becomes very expensive to buy more.

When ordering from the Stamptastic website it was very easy to do and  the instructions were clear to follow. I clicked on what I wanted to order which was the ink pad, stamp and a white fabric pen for my daughters darker uniform labels as there all not white.

When ordering the rubber stamp I got my daughter to help me chose what she wanted as I wanted her to be apart as it's her uniform. We chose the font  of Arial Unicode as she said that was more clearer for her to read as she'd only just started reading with being in reception so I didn't want her to pick a font that was fancy as she wouldn't of been able to read it as she's only 5. We got to also choose a symbol as well, she was so excited about this and chose a star (I thought she would of choose a princess crown symbol but she chose a star to represent that she was star of the week, which she was really giddy about ⭐️).

Rubber Name Stamps

There's so many different symbols to choose from but we liked that as you can have one before your name, one after your name or both. Also so you know that your name will fit on the stamp, it provides a box on their website so you can see what you've chosen and how well it looks and fits as they provide 2 lines if you have a long name.

Customised Stamp

We ordered our delivery Friday evening after we'd had tea and it arrived the following Wednesday,  I thought this was fast delivery considering it was late Friday and post is normally closed over the weekend, so i was very impressed with the timing.

In my pictures as you can see we have stamped her school uniform, PE kit and coat and I've used the white fabric pen in her tights and also her school shoes. I'm really impressed with the products and services that Stamptastic have supplied and I've recommended them to friends, family and also the school P.T.A. The Stamptastic PTA Rewards Scheme can be found here.

Rubber Name Stamps

The impressions on her clothes that we've stamped are so clear and don't smudge, what I love about this product is that the ink impressions hold 50 washes when you print onto the care label without fading and the ink pad lasts 2000 impressions.

I'll be using there services again once my youngest daughter goes to school so I can stamp her belongings too but in the mean time they can share!


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