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    Review By Teddy and The Survivors

    Review By Teddy and The Survivors

    If you are anything like me (a mother with serious OCD about her children’s belongings) the Stamptastic products will be the perfect match for you! These products have saved me from having to write two children’s full names into numerous items of clothing – I have a shopping addiction for my boys, their wardrobe is humongous.

    Who remembers back in the day watching your mum having to write or sew yours and your siblings’ names into ALL your school belongings? My mum used to take labelling our belongings to the extreme where she used to scrape the end of our pencils, so the wood was showing and write out initials onto them.

    I had an issue the other day where a child at the nursery ended up going home in my sons’ trousers and my son came home in the other child’s trousers. Luckily for me I know my children’s wardrobe inside out, so I noticed that the trousers Teddy had on were not his. I washed them and had them back with the nursery the next day. However, trying to get Teddy’s trousers back was an absolute nightmare and it took weeks to finally get them back!

    Once I got the trousers back I thought to myself, ‘its going to take hours or even days to sit there and label all the twin’s clothes’ as I didn’t want the lost trousers situation to happen again.

    When I came across the Stamptastic Customised Rubber Name Stamps I breathed a big sigh of relief, I thought to myself ‘this is going to save me so much time and effort’!

    Stamptastic Name Stamps

    I placed an order online which was very easy to do, they even have an option where you can print how the stamp will look and the size it will be before you put in the order. The reason for this is that not all care labels are the same size and neither are different name lengths, so it is best to preview your stamp size first. For my first order I decided to go with one stamp for each of the boys with their full names on two separate lines, I also put an animal at the end of each of their names too to make it a little bit more personal. I then added one of the ink pads and one of the white fabric pens (which is great for darker items that do not have care labels) before checking out. I received the items within a couple of days of ordering as anything ordered Monday to Friday is dispatched the very same day.

    Personalised Name Stamp for School Uniform

    A little bit about the products, I found that putting your Rubber Stamp into the ink pad and NOT wriggling it around was the best thing to do as if you were to wiggle the stamp you would get an ink outline of the whole stamp not just the name you need. Once you have put your stamp into the ink pad, I found that it was best to stamp onto the care label of the item of clothing as that is where most people will look for a child’s name also, I felt that I will get the most washes out of my stamp being on this label. The ink will withhold 50 washes without fading how amazing is that?! The ink pad will also provide over 2000 impressions if you look after it according to the instructions. The ink may work on other fabrics and surfaces, but it is unlikely to last as long. I would also suggest stamping on a flat surface, so you get the best possible results.

    The white ink pen, perfect for book bags or even inside your child’s rucksack. After you have pulled the lid off to the pen you need to shake the pend multiple times to get the ink flowing, you will also need to press up and down on the nib. Once the ink is flowing that is when you can begin writing, it is as easy as writing with a pen. I would suggest laying the item you would like to write on onto a flat surface as this will be the easiest way and you will also get the best results.

    The Stamptastic products have saved me A LOT of time and A LOT of stress. When being a mother anything that will reduce the length of time in doing a daunting task such as labelling the children’s clothes is an absolute genius idea.  The stamps are also very simple to use and it takes no time at all to get the clothes all labelled.

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