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    Review from Instagram Mum Faye (Bumptobabyandbeyond2017)

    Review from Instagram Mum Faye (Bumptobabyandbeyond2017)

    We were kindly gifted the Stamptastic Black Ink Pad, Personalised Name Stamp and White Ink Pen from Stamptastic to review. It arrived within days after ordering it online.

    Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps

    Here’s a little bit about them:
    1️⃣ You can select your own font, icon, name/number.
    2️⃣ The ink lasts for 50 washes on care labels before you have to re stamp.
    3️⃣ It is so quick and easy to use. It took me seconds to stamp Milo’s nursery uniform.
    4️⃣ It works on several materials. This includes fabric, wood, metal and some plastics. I am going to get stamp happy on his nursery bag, shoes, clothing, journal log etc.

    Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps

    ⭐️ My first impressions: ⭐️ I highly recommend this product! I have previously used iron on personalised labels but they were useless. They fell off in the first wash and took way longer to do as I had to iron them on. The Stamptastic Rubber Stamp really is the fastest, easiest and professional way to name all of your belongings.
    Watch this space for me getting stamp happy!

    Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps and White Fabric Pen


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