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Stamptastic 6 Years On! A Review By This Day I Love

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Six years ago I spoke to Stamptastic on Twitter. Six years ago, but it feels like yesterday. How are we getting on then with a product that has been used for six years. Six years is almost the entire primary school journey. Can Stamptastic last for an entire school journey? I thought it time we wrote a follow up, because these are the things that interest me as a parent, do things last?

I will admit as a parent to three children that I do struggle for time. As lovely as it is to sew labels on clothes or iron them on I just do not have the time to do so, also I cannot sew to save my life. Stamptastic appeals to me today as much as it did six years ago, and now with the addition of another set of clothes to label it appeals even more.

Stamptastic is so simple and easy to use. The Rubber Stamp is an acrylic block which contains the name and forms the stamp part of the system. This is then pressed on to an Ink Pad and the acrylic pad is then pressed on to the item to be labelled. It is so simple to use that even the kids can get involved in labelling their own items, especially helpful when you have more than one set to do.

As the kids can label their own clothes the writing is always legible too, which is a huge bonus as can you imagine been a teacher trying to decipher the name inside a piece of clothing. It also means I know the items have the correct names and spellings on too. The Personalised Rubber Stamps haven’t changed at all over the six years, still working the same as they did on day one.

Six years on nothing has changed. We are still using the same Ink Pad we had six years ago. Although it has started to dry out recently, I am actually really surprised it has lasted this long to be honest. All it means is we have to press harder on items to get the name to show up, I shall be investing in a new Ink Pad soon. The Rubber Stamps are the same and it just shows you that the system works and is built to last.

Little Man will be starting his nursery journey shortly so I shall be needing to purchase a new Custom Rubber Stamp for him ready to label all his belongings. I cannot wait, because Stamptastic really does make it very easy to label everything from shoes to clothes and even water bottles!


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