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Hi my name is Amanda, and I blog over at The Ana Mum Diary  and WeBlogTravel. I’ve been blogging for over 8 years about travel, interiors and lifestyle including skincare and fashion.  I’m a Mum to two girls aged 16 & 10, and wife to the tallest fella in the land…I might be slightly exaggerating, but damn he’s tall!

I first heard about Stamptastic 6/7 years ago, I remember being very intrigued, as I too had fallen foul of the lost evenings sewing on name labels of my daughters’ school and preschool clothing. As well as losing the will to live trying to find somewhere to label shoes and plimsolls. Shortly afterwards I was asked to review the brand by the founders, I believe I was one of the first people they asked to review the product. I was impressed then, and I continue to be impressed now! In fact, I only recently renewed the ink pad after all these years.  Which is pretty good going seeing as its been used every year over the last 6 years. As my girls take after their Dad, I had to renew their uniform every year, and I had no problems with either the Personalised Rubber Stamp or Ink Pad.  I haven’t even needed to restamp anything through the year.

So, what do I like about using Stamptastic?

Well first of all the brand owners are such lovely ladies.  I do follow them on social media and see the way that they interact with their customers and they simply do it right in my opinion, friendly and so helpful and knowledgeable about their brand.

Of course, I am also a big fan of the product.  I can hand on heart say that I have solely used Stamptastic Personalised Rubber Stamps since I started using it all those years ago.  I had a quick dalliance with name stickers on things such as water bottles and lunch boxes, but the results were terrible and they didn’t last very long at all, so switched back to my trusty Rubber Stamp from Stamptastic.  It’s a quick and fuss free way to label all of your children’s clothing, so there’s no more lost property bin diving for you!

If you do have questions for me, please do contact me over on Social Media - @AmandaCotting and I would be very happy to help.


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