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It can be so hard to find time to do anything when you have a baby and a toddler to look after. When my son started nursery, I ordered some iron in labels but with a newborn at the time I never actually put them on his clothes. Instead I used a permanent marker and quickly wrote in his name, which was barely legible.  When it was time to buy new school clothes for nursery, I knew I wasn’t going to make that same mistake again.

When I heard of Stamptastic, I thought the idea of it all was amazing and seemed very easy and not time consuming. I loved the fact that you could design your own stamp using a range of icons, fonts and font sizes. When it comes to ordering, you add everything separately into your basket, which means that now I have the stamps, I will only have to order the ink pad in future.


The website was super easy to use and gives you a preview of the rubber stamp you have created before you add it into your basket, so that you can make sure everything it perfect and will fit into your children’s care labels. I was going to have just one line but when viewing the preview I noticed that our last name didn’t quite fit, I would’ve had to have the font really small for it all to fit, so instead I went for two lines.  

Rubber Name Stamps

To make their names stand out I made their first names bigger that their last names. All of the fonts are lovely, but I especially liked the ones that use a cursive a as it will help my children when they come to read and write later on in life, for this reason I chose plantin infant. There is all different icons to choose from, ranging from sports to star signs to teens. I decided to go for two different icons to make it even easier to tell the children’s clothes apart, which at the moment there is a massive size difference but you’ll be surprised how often my partner will ask me who’s T-shirt belongs to who.

Customised Rubber Stamp

I’m sure once they are older, it will be even harder to tell their clothing apart, especially with two children of the same gender, so having these stamps will make it a lot easier to tell them apart. Especially when it comes to washing and putting away their clothes which is a chore within itself, at least it will be a lot easier now and for the children, because they will only have to look for their individual icon. I switched between different icons at first but I’m really happy with the ones I went for in the end as I feel like they are quite symbolic. I chose a big star and a shooting star to represent big and little brother.

 Customised Stamp

Using the Personalized Name Stamp itself was really easy, there’s no need to wiggle the stamp in the ink pad at all, just a firm press does the trick. The stamp shows up really clearly on care labels, and lasts for 50 washes without fading, using on other materials such as wool, socks and fleece material doesn’t work as well. The ink pad also comes with a sealable bag to help maintain it and if it’s cared for accordingly, you should be able to get over 2000 impressions from it. The size of the stamp itself is perfect and when you are not using it, you can easily stand it up to avoid any ink from getting anywhere you don’t want it to be.

 Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps

For shoes, I used the white fabric pen which worked brilliantly. I had to give it a little shake and push on the tip on some paper before using, but this is expected with any paint type pen. I wrote my sons name on the inside of the tongue on his shoe, had I of wrote it on the sole or insole of his shoe it would’ve got worn quicker. The pen is also really handy for anything you can’t use the stamp on such as, dark care labels or materials.

 White Fabric Pen

Overall, the stamps and pen worked brilliantly and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to label clothing. There were both really easy to use and came out brilliantly. I no longer dread labelling clothes. In fact, I’m busy trying to find more things I can use the stamp and pen on.


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  • Jagminder : August 22, 2023

    Does the stamp show up on grey socks ?
    Thank you

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