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    Review from Instagram Mum, Lauren (mrstrewand3littletrews)

    Review from Instagram Mum, Lauren (mrstrewand3littletrews)

    I’m Lauren a busy part time manager and mum to three children under 4, summer who is 3 and in part time school, George who is 2 and in part time playgroup and little Orla who is 6 months and comes to work with mummy.

    With three kids under 4 its sometimes difficult to tell who’s clothing, hats, scarfs and bags is whose, especially when it comes to the colder months when all the hats come out. With two girls with similar items and sometimes even matching items the girls get mixed up and are either wearing something to small or to big.

    So I've been writing their names on the label with a pen, and we all know what kids are like they drop their hats in muddy puddles or they drop out the car so they are always in the wash and with writing the names on the labels with a pen it quickly washes away and im left with just a scribble. Its just not working anymore and summer my oldest is usually sent to school with a hat designed for a 6month old.

    We were kindly asked to order some Stamptastic Personalised Rubber Name Stamps. The whole ordering system was very easy and clearly labelled it was a step by step ordering system which enabled you to choose from many fonts and sizes. You could also add a symbol to make each stamp personal. There were preview boxes to make sure you had what you wanted and to show you how it would look on your stamp. I placed my order and received our stamps within three days of ordering. Postage was free but you can pay for quicker delivery. I was sent a shipment email so I knew when it would be roughly coming. When I received our parcel I opened them up and was so happy with what I had chosen.

    Stamptastic Personalised

    I went for a simple arial size 16 font, as I wanted something bold that summer would be able to read as she has now learnt her name so something bold and simple was perfect for her, I chose to have a symbol on all three of the kids stamps. We went for all three kids names singly on one stamp then a stamp with our surname on without a symbol. We chose to have them singly as at home it was great for their hats and scarfs as we would just look for the first name an not worry about the last name tricking us, (mainly tricking daddy) so to have the option of having our surname on a different stamp was great for us.

    When choosing our stamps I got Summer involved as she loves helping me and I thought she would love to choose her own design so its something she would remember to look out for on her school bag and uniform. For summer she chose a rainbow as she loves them, I was secretly hooping she would as she was our rainbow baby and it represents her so well. George is a typical  boy who loves cars and lorries so we chose a dumper truck for him and he loves it, and little Orla has a daisy as her middle name is daisy and its just suits so well.

    When I opened the stamps I was so excited to get everything stamped, the first thing I did was get all of Summer's uniform stamped as we had just bought her new uniform I was glad that this was done and I knew it would stay on 50 washes without fading which is fantastic as we all know how many times kids uniform gets washed. And of course we got all the hats and scarves and labelled them correctly so Daddy doesn’t have to worry about sending summer to school with her baby sisters hat.

    The rubber stamps are such a easy stamp to use, the ink pad is just a little large than the stamp itself. The impressions are clear and are easy to read. The symbol is also clear and gives the impression a personal feel.

    I would highly recommend the rubber stamps to any parents they make life so much easier and you know they are not going to rub off or wash off in the wash. We have gone through and stamped all the kids school bags and on the plastic I wasn’t sure if it would smudge but after a few seconds it was dry and no smudging (although Stamptastic do not guarantee that the ink works on plastic!). The rubber stamps are also great for school homework and birthday/Christmas cards as kids are able to easy use the stamp (although the ink is not recommended for children so I would buy a craft ink pad here.)

    We also ordered a white pen for dark fabrics which Is fab for us as we have welly bags which are black and now with this pen I can easily tell who’s is who’s instead of opening each bag when we are in a rush.

    This product is a must have for any parent its got so many uses and I am so glad we have them now as it will make my life so much easier.

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