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I'm a first time mum to a little boy Harper who is 11 months old. Harper has just started nursery with my partner returning to work and will be there three times a week. We are a two mummy family and will both be working four days a week so our lives are very busy. It is a stressful emotional time with lots to prepare and ensure he has ready to take each day with him. We are lucky that we only have to provide nappies, clothes, formula, a bottle and dummies for nursery on a daily basis. One of my big worries was that his clothes would get lost or mixed up, or that his dummies would get muddled up with other babies! The stamptastic name stamp looked perfect to allow me to prepare and label his clothes easily, fast and without any fuss so they don't get lost at nursery.

Stamptastic Personalised Rubber Name Stamps

Firstly the idea of sew in labels was a non starter I was never going to get round to sewing labels into mountains of baby clothes. I started looking at name stickers but was worried they would come off in the wash or be picked off by little fingers! When I thought about how many items I would have to label and the frequency I would have to label them the idea of one personalised stamp and an ink pad that I could just replace as and when (although it does 2000 impressions!) was so cost effective. Being so young and with so many exciting (messy!) things for them to do at nursery Harper needs lots of spare clothes sending he usually gets changed at least once a day! He is also growing and changing all the time meaning frequent wardrobe updates as he moves up a size or the season changes and hence clothes to be labelled. With the stamp I can label as many items as I like as many times as I like (the stamp will withstand 50 washes on care labels without fading!) without having to worry about running out of stickers.

Stamptastic Personalised Rubber Name Stamps

Ordering was so easy you can choose the rubber stamp to be over one or two lines. Then you can choose an icon/font/layout to make your perfect personalised stamp. I chose a rainbow image either end with Harpers first name and surname over two lines in the middle. I chose Comic Sans MS in size 16 a clear font that allowed the name and icons to fit on the stamp space available. There is a little red box that shows a preview of your stamp so you can see exactly what it looks like and if it fits! Then you can click to print an exact image of your stamp to check it will fit on the items you want to stamp. All in all it couldn't have been an easier more well thought through process. The stamp and ink pads arrived so fast for a personalised item it was only a couple of days (on the website it says they are made and sent the same day if the order received by 10am Monday to Friday!) amazing service. I was then able to get on with the fun bit -stamping all his bits and pieces.

Stamptastic Personalised Rubber Name Stamps

The customised rubber stamp is so easy to use super quick and effective. So far I've used it on vests, leggings, t shirts, jumpers, coats, bibs, his bag and dummy clips!! The possibilities are endless! I found the fastest way was to get a pile of items and work through them from one side un-stamped to the other as they are finished being stamped. I have been stamping items as they come out of the wash and go into his nursery bag or wardrobe.

Stamptastic Personalised Rubber Name Stamps

To stamp an item you simply press the stamp straight down into the ink pad firmly no need to wiggle then straight up and down onto the clothes label and off. If clothes labels don't have a blank area simply stamp over the least writing and you can still see the stamp perfectly. The image is so clear and it really is so so easy to use, I stamped a huge pile of items in a couple of minutes and the best bit is it’s actually so fun to use!

I think the ultimate seal of approval was when my partner picked up the stamp when I wasn't home and labelled some more items with no fuss or instructions. Everyone who has seen it friends and nursery have been so impressed and gone straight off to order one! Thanks for making our nursery transition that little bit easier stamptastic!

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