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    #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - Family Photography by Andisheh

    #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - Family Photography by Andisheh

    I’m Andisheh, a baby photographer with quite an interesting story to tell. It seems like nowadays so many mother’s are all reinventing themselves - turning their passions into careers, often on a journey that’s quite unexpected. This is the case with me as well.

    When I was 16 I decided I wanted to be a scientist. I found science exciting - who wouldn’t love constantly learning something new about the world? Being interested in photography was part of this passion as well. My high school art teacher in Vancouver Island, Canada set up a dark room (this was in the olden days of film you see) and she let us loose in it. Patience and a Pentax K1000 led me to produce some photos that I cherish to this day.

    Back then, it was easy to think of a career in science but not so easy to think of a career as a photographer. The latter was just a hobby for most people. After many years of hard work and perseverance I eventually became a research scientist. A PhD from Cambridge University made that a reality. But I felt that something was still missing. With my PhD and several years of working as a research scientist behind me, I decided to go in the opposite direction and try my hand at photography.

    And why not, since digital photography made it so much easier to develop as an artist. A year later I had a diploma in photography from University of Arts London and thousands of pounds worth of photography equipment in my living room. I needed to get a ‘proper job’ to fund this interest in photography. That’s when I joined my two passions and went into the fast-pace industry of Healthcare Advertising.

    Fast forward 7 years later when my daughter was born and it didn’t make sense to me to have such a fast-paced job when all I wanted to do was hang out with the tiniest and cutest human in my life. And so I turned to photography again - setting up my business ‘Family Photography by Andisheh’. And I haven’t looked back. My daughter is 5 now and being a family photographer has been an amazing journey.

    I’ve photographed hundreds of children in and around Twickenham, including in some of London’s most beautiful parks.

    family photography by andisheh

    One of the most fun things about my business is working with other businesses and meeting new people. One of these is Stamptastic. I love bespoke items and having a logo stamp is a perfect way to personalise my business. Company stamps in general give that extra little touch to packages I send to my clients.

    Customised rubber stamp

    I also love playing around with the stamps (it’s just too irresistible!). My note pad is a perfect place to test out the different shades of blue.

    Bespoke Rubber Stamp




    You can follow Family Photography by Andisheh on Facebook and Instagram and visit her website here.

    You can find out more/buy a custom stamp for your business here.
    If you would like to be featured as a #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut you can find out more here.
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