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    #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - Junior Bambinos

    #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - Junior Bambinos

    Junior Bambinos is an independent retailer in the nursery and toddler sector selling a range of furniture, toys and gifts supporting your child’s development as they grow.

    We established our business back in 2009 – originally starting out selling eco-friendly wooden toys. At our heart we have a passion for development; we love all things learning! Linda Ladley (owner of Junior Bambinos) is a Training and Development professional who’s specialises in training and developing others. So, it was natural for us to explore the world of child development and learning through play which is when our first site was established; EcoToyStore. As our business grew, we added furniture ranges and a new site – ChildrensEcoFurniture and with the birth of our first child in 2014, we merged our business to become Junior Bambinos.

    We’re really excited to be expanding in 2019 – we’re currently looking at establishing the JB Brand – sourcing our own toys and furniture along with moving our HQ to give us greater warehousing capacity to enable us to stock our key lines.

    We’re developing a family orientated brand and we’re looking forward to sharing our family with our customers as they test out and review our products – Jessica and Zachary have been a part of this business ever since they were born but we’ll shortly be putting their cheekiness to good use in front of the camera as we grow our business.

    During peak times we send out a vast array of parcels and we love using our Stamptastic logo stamp. Whilst the majority of our parcels head out in plain packaging, we like to use our bespoke stamp to highlight who the parcel has come from. By using the custom log stamp this ensures our brand is a constant feature from the moment a customer hits our website to the moment they receive their parcel.


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