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How Can I Prepare My Child For Pre School?

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Preparing your child for preschool or nursery can help them feel more confident and comfortable when they start this new phase of their life. Here are some tips that you can follow to prepare your child for preschool:

  1. Talk about preschool: Start talking to your child about preschool a few weeks before they are due to start. Explain what preschool is, what they will do there, and how much fun it will be.

  2. Read books: Read books about preschool to your child. This will help them understand what happens in preschool, and it can also help them get excited about it.

  3. Visit the preschool: If possible, take your child to visit the preschool before they start. This will help them get familiar with the environment and feel more comfortable when they start.

  4. Practice routines: Practice the routines that your child will follow in preschool, such as packing their backpack, putting on their shoes, and using the bathroom independently.

  5. Socialize: Encourage your child to socialize with other children. This can help them develop their social skills and feel more comfortable when they are around other children in preschool.

  6. Encourage independence: Encourage your child to do things independently, such as putting on their shoes and socks, using the bathroom, and cleaning up after themselves. This will help them feel more confident when they are in preschool.

  7. Establish a routine: Establish a routine for your child before they start preschool. This will help them get used to a schedule and make the transition to preschool easier.

  8. Label their preschool clothes with a Personalised Name Stamp and Stamptastic Ink Pad from Stamptastic. They can help choose a cute picture which will help them to identify their belongings whilst they are not yet able to read or recognise their name. Stamptastic are licensed to use PAW Patrol characters so if your child loves Chase, Marshall or Skye then they could choose one of these images!

Remember, every child is different, so don't worry if your child takes some time to adjust to preschool. With a little patience and encouragement, they will soon settle in and enjoy this exciting new experience.


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