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Starting Reception Class Top Tips

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Following on from last weeks great Live Facebook Q&A Broadcast with Jo and Lisa, this weeks live broadcast was our first week covering the topic of Independence!

This week we focussed on the skill of learning to get dressed independently. Some of the questions we answered during the broadcast were:

How to teach my child to do up zips?

How to teach my child to use buttons?

How to get my child to wipe his bum? 💩

How to teach my child to put their shoes on the correct foot?

We discussed all of these topics in lots of detail during the broadcast but to summarise:

Learning to do zips and buttons are fiddly so you can get them to practise playing with our Zip It, Rip It, Button It Pencil Case, play with a strip of velcro or zips on fancy dress clothes. Also get the school uniform early (especially the coat and shoes) and practise the buttons and putting on and off the shoes as much as possible but make it a game! 

Early years teachers do not expect every child starting reception class in September to wipe their own bottoms 100%! Wiping bottoms uses gross motor skills (literally 😂). Use our FREE sequencing game resource to help your child with learning how to use the toilet independently.

To help your child put their shoes on the correct foot get a large sticker with an image on it and cut it in half....stick half in one shoe and half on the other so when the shoes are placed next to each other the correct way the two stickers make a full image. 

We have some FREE resources (games and activities) here to help you to help your child learn to get dressed independently.

Starting School Free Downloadable Resources

Here is the broadcast in full...

If you would like to join in and watch the broadcasts live please join the Facebook Group here.

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