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    Starting School: Personal Peg Activity

    Starting School: Personal Peg Activity

    Make and do!

    If you have a child starting school in September you may find this free activity useful!

    (This is NOT a toy)

    The wooden peg can be used to peg shoes, plimsolls or wellingtons together. Children often need to practise using a peg which uses their fine motor skills. Most children like to take their own peg into school so here are some ideas to personalise your peg.

    You can decorate it using anything in your craft box or colour it in! Alternatively, cut some strips of scrap material or patterned paper to cover the longest side. Glue in place using craft glue suitable for wood, when dry cut to fit. Finally, use a clear varnish over the paint to seal in to place. 

    Write your child’s name along one of the flat sides. Or use your Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamp to stamp their name neatly on.

    Stick a variety of buttons, cutouts, fabric flowers along one of the flat sides. 

    Use felt pens to draw and colour patterns (stripes, zig-zags, spots). 


    Starting School Personalised Name Stamp


    Starting School Free Resource Personal Peg Activity

    See our helper hanging his coat and pegging his shoes! All of these activities help your child become more independent and become responsible for their belongings too! The Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamp is the quickest way to label your kids belongings 😄



    To download the free activity card click here

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