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    Starting School Top Tips

    Starting School Top Tips

    Have you got a child starting school in September?

    We have launched our Stamptastic Starting School Series with our fantastic Early Years Experts, Jo and Lisa! The Series lasts for 14 weeks and is jam packed with top tips to help you get your child ready for reception class in September! From fine motor skills to gross motor skills, pre reading, pre writing, independence and lots inbetween we know this will be super useful to anyone who has a child starting school in September.

    We will be regularly holding Live Facebook Q&As with Jo and Lisa in our Stamptastic Starting School Facebook Group 

    Last night was our first broadcast introducing Jo and Lisa and also what our Starting School Series will cover.

    I invited questions from parents in our Facebook Group beforehand and we had lots! We discussed them all in the broadcast, I hope you find them useful:

    1) How can you help your child who is left handed get ready for school?

    2) How can I help my child with gross motor skills and getting dressed?

    3) I am worried about my child having an August birthday and being behind when they start school, what can I do?

    4) My child has a lisp, is there anything I can do to help them before they start school?

    5) How can I get my child to hold scissors properly?

    6) How can I get my child to hold a knife and fork properly?

    7) I am worried that my child will have toilet accidents at school, what can I do to help them?

    8) What do I do if my child has a disabiliity when they start school?

    9) Will the teacher set different levels of work for different abilities?

    If you have a question please feel free to ask it in the Facebook Group and we will do our very best to answer all questions!



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