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Starting Primary School - Introduction

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Are you getting ready for ‘Big’ school?

Do you have a child starting school in September?

Starting school is a significant milestone for children and parents/carers. The start of a new school term is always exciting, but the transition from home and nursery to primary school can feel like both a daunting and overwhelming experience. This year with our present situation schools will be unable to offer the full extent of
their normal transition programme.

All parents want their child to settle, progress and thrive in their first year but often don’t know the best way to achieve this. Effective transition requires planning and an understanding of children’s social, emotional and intellectual needs to prepare them for the next step in life.

Preparation is key to a successful transition. Together a family can prepare to make the transition into school a smooth and positive experience and it is never too early to begin. With the correct tools adults can help a child’s personal, social and learning skills develop and grow so they begin school and progress with confidence from the very start.

Stamptastic have teamed up with Early Years experts Jo and Lisa to support you as parents/carers make this transition a smooth one. Practising simple everyday tasks enables children to grow in confidence and encourages independence to build a good foundation to ensure there are no big surprises on the first day.

Having each spent over 25 years in the classroom, Jo and Lisa became increasingly surprised at the number of 4 and 5 years olds starting school lacking the basic skills needed for independent tasks such as dressing. In addition to this they often found a mismatch between what skills parents think schools want their children to arrive at school with and what teachers actually need.

It is paramount to remember that in school the adult-to-child ratio is significantly less and consequently when children begin school they require a greater level of independence. Time pressures at home can lead to adults doing tasks for children such as dressing rather than encouraging independence.

Jo and Lisa were repeatedly asked about the best ways to prepare children for starting school and parents/carers were surprised to hear that their priority always focussed upon independence and social skills. These are the skills that enable children to manage in the context of a busy classroom environment and develop confidence within that setting.

However, every child varies in need and development so there really isn’t one approach that suits all. Some children will already have well developed independence and social skills so the focus for these children would obviously be different.

Between now and the beginning of September Jo and Lisa have
developed Stamptastic a parent friendly programme for getting little
ones ready for starting school. Their key advice to parents has always
been ‘…concentrate on getting the basics right the rest will fall into

Here’s a snap shot of what you’ll enjoy:

  • Ideas for developing independence and confidence in personal skills
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Strategies to support the development of your child’s social skills in building positive relationships
  • Early reading skills
  • Early writing skills
  • Name recognition
  • Ideas to help you both prepare for fantastic first days, support, emotional well-being and reduce any anxieties
  • Pattern and shape
  • Pre-number
  • Top tips to help you prepare for the transition, support emotional well-being and reduce any anxieties

Running alongside this our FREE downloads details areas that you
could focus upon and prioritise with your children over the next few

This chart is not sequential and only you will know what
your child can do already. There is no pressure for any child to be
competent at all or any of these steps. It is intended as a guide and
should help you whatever age or stage your child is working at.

Stamptastic in partnership with Jo and Lisa, look forward to taking
you on this journey to support your child develop the necessary skills
to feel smart and confident from day one at BIG school.


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Gross Motor Skills


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Social Skills

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