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    Starting School: Fruit Kebabs!

    Starting School: Fruit Kebabs!

    If you have a child starting Primary School in September getting them to make fruit kebabs is a great way to help them with their fine motor skills. Making fruit kebabs helps with chopping, pre reading, language and vocabulary.

    You will need:

    • Chopping board 
    • Round bladed child’s knife 
    • Colander 
    • Skewer *Remove the point of the skewer*
    • Selection of fruits *Grapes need to be halved 
    • Always wash hands first! 
    • Wash and dry fruit 
    • Hold fruit in supporting hand and knife in dominant hand 
    • Chop fruit on the chopping board into bite-sized chunks 
    • Thread carefully onto skewer

    This is the kebab that our helper made for us!
    Starting School Fruit Kebab Exercise

    If your child is able to make the kebab easily then why not try making patterns with them? The skills required for this are sequencing and patterns and help with pre numbers.

    Rainbow Fruit Kebab

    If you wanted an extra special treat you could melt some chocolate and drizzle over the fruit kebab! 😋

    Fruit kebab with chocolate drizzle


    Here is our helper in action! You can see him using a knife to cut the fruit and then carefully placing the fruit on the skewer. This is him using his fine motor skills! Making fruit kebabs is a great way to expose your child to new fruits and is particulalry helpful for fussy eaters. 

    You can download our fruit kebab activity sheet for free here


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