Tricky Words Game - Fun educational reading toy - aged 4-7


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Tricky word flashcards, sentences and games for children aged 4-7.

Perfect for teachers and parents to make learning to read fun.

Isn't the English language complicated for our little ones! Well, homework needn't be a chore. Use these fun and educational games to enjoy learning the tricky, common exception words.

Each tin contains flashcards and simple sentences containing these tricky words. This activity tin is perfect for children aged 4-7 and for older children whose would benefit from repetition.

Our children should be reading books with at least 90% accuracy. But how many times has your child stumbled upon a tricky word during their reading? These words don't make sense when your child tries to read them by using their sounds.

This product promises to:

Make learning manageable - all the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 tricky words are broken down into manageable chunks; each coloured set contains 4 words.

Make learning easier - words are carefully grouped to help your child make links.

Motivate your child - each set of words is colour coded so that your child can see and feel their progress when they move onto the next coloured set.

Ensure your child applies their learning - after each set of words, your child is presented with a simple sentence containing these tricky words. This will build confidence, independence and ensure progress.

Offer the perfect level of challenge for your child's stage rather than their age - all the tricky infant words are contained in just one tin to help your child learn at their own pace.

Keep reading fresh and fun - repetition is required in order to learn but repetition can be boring! Use the 15 games supplied to learn in fun and active ways and help shape your child's positive attitude towards learning to read.

It even includes a bonus challenge for you and your child to generate a giggle and get your child in the mood for learning.

Supplied in a perfectly portable pocket-sized tin - perfect for storing in a bag, glove compartment or a cutlery draw! Simply whip it out when you have a spare 5 minutes and catch your child when they're in the mood for learning.

Buy a sustainable product!

*Printed in The Lake District on FSC certified paper
*Contained in a sturdy tin
*Suitable for a wide age range - designed to last for years!

Tin dimensions: 96mm x 59mm x 21 mm

This activity tin pairs beautifully with the ‘Reading Refreshers’ and ‘Raising Resilience’ activity tins.


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