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    10 Things You Should Bring to Nursery

    10 Things You Should Bring to Nursery

    Here are 10 things you may want to consider packing in a bag for nursery:

    1. Nappies and wipes - Even if the nursery provides these, it's always a good idea to have a few extras on hand.

    2. Extra clothes - Accidents and spills happen, so pack at least one extra outfit for your child.

    3. Comfort items - If your child has a favorite stuffed animal or blanket, it may help them feel more comfortable and at ease in a new environment.

    4. Bottles and formula (if applicable) - If your child is not yet on solid foods, make sure to bring any necessary bottles and formula or breast milk.

    5. Snacks - If your child is old enough for solid foods, bring along some healthy snacks to keep them fueled throughout the day.

    6. Sunscreen and hat - If the nursery has outdoor playtime, make sure to pack sunscreen and a hat to protect your child from the sun.

    7. Medications - If your child requires any medications throughout the day, make sure to provide clear instructions and bring along any necessary medications.

    8. Comfortable shoes - Depending on the nursery's activities, your child may need comfortable shoes for running, jumping, and playing.

    9. Water bottle - Staying hydrated is important, so pack a water bottle for your child.

    10. A labeled bag or backpack - Make sure to label your child's bag or backpack with their name so that it doesn't get mixed up with others.


    Don't forget to label all the clothing! Here's a blog post on the best way to label nursery clothes and school uniform.

    Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps are the quickest way to label nursery clothes. The ink withholds minimum 50 washes on care labels without fading!

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