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Can You Buy Custom Rubber Stamps?

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Yes, you can make a rubber stamp online.

Stamptastic offers rubber stamp customization and creation services, choose the size and shape of your stamp, send them your image and have it shipped to you. 

Many small businesses are looking to order Custom Rubber Logo Stamps for their companies. Not only do they look pretty cool, add an authentic touch to your products and packaging they are also really fun and addictive to use! Using a Custom Stamp is much more environmentally friendly than using customised plastic stickers too!

Stamptastic have been making Custom Rubber Logo stamps for over 10 years! Here are some photos of Company Logo Rubber stamps we have made for customers. These are all happy customer photos 😀

Custom Rubber Stamp Custom Rubber Stamp
Custom Rubber Stamp Custom Rubber Stamp
Custom Rubber Stamp Custom Rubber Stamp
Custom Rubber Stamp Custom Rubber Stamp
It's really simple and easy to order and we can often dispatch same or next day after you have approved the proof we send you. To order simple choose the size you would like to order. You can order a custom rubber stamp in almost any size you like althought if the size you require is over 100m x 70mm then it may need to be on a roller stamp which can be pricey and tricky to use. 

Our most popular size Custom Rubber Stamps are Small (any size that comes between 32mm x 32mm and 51mm x 44mm) and Medium (any size that comes between 51mm x 44mm & 86mm x 51mm). Don't forget to add an Ink Pad for stamping! We have a wide range of ink pads in beautiful colours. You can find the ink pad range here.

We also sell Self Inking Stamps which are popular for coffee shops, cafes, kids club. pubs and many more.

coffee bean loyalty card self inking stamp


We love seeing our customers Custom Stamps in action so please do tag us on social media! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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