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    Do I need to label clothes for nursery?

    Do I need to label clothes for nursery?

    It is generally a good idea to label clothes for nursery, especially if your child is attending a group setting with other children. This can help to prevent mix-ups or lost items, and can also make it easier for caregivers to quickly identify your child's clothing.

    Labeling can be done in a variety of ways, such as using iron-on labels, sew-in labels, stickers that can be stuck onto clothing or Personalised Name Stamps. You can also use a permanent marker to write your child's name on the tags or inside of the garment however often the nib is fab and the writing turns into one unidentifiable messy sploge!

    Personalised Name Stamp


    To see which is the best way to label nursery clothes and school uniform have a look at this useful blog post which explains all the different methods and how effective they are. 

    In addition to labeling clothes, it's a good idea to pack a spare set of clothing in your child's nursery bag in case of accidents or spills. By labeling these clothes as well, you can ensure that they are easily identifiable and returned to you if they are misplaced.

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