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    Fran Stamptastic Mentors Small Businesses on the Small Business Saturday Bus Tour

    Fran Stamptastic Mentors Small Businesses on the Small Business Saturday Bus Tour

    Last week marked the end of the Small Business Saturday Bus Tour!

    The Bus Tour began back in early November in Blackpool and made it's way to Brixton last week via twenty seven towns and cities across the UK. That's a LOT of driving!

    As our business, Stamptastic has been featured in this years #SmallBiz100 (see Emma and Fran meet Sir Vince Cable to celebrate Small Business Saturday win and Emma and Fran attend Small Business Saturday House of Lords Reception) we were invited to join the Bus in Walthamstow to mentor some Small Businesses.

    I have unofficially mentored lots of small businesses over the past few years and am always happy to share any tips we have picked up along the way so was more than happy to join in 😀

    Here I am getting the #DellSBSonTour Selfie in front of the Small Business Saturday Tour Bus.

    Small Business Saturday Bus Tour

    The #SmallBiz100 businesses featured this year were invited to provide their logo so it could go on the side of the bus, reaching thousands of people whilst it travelled around the UK. Can you spot our logo? Do you recognise any of the other businesses featured? 

    Small Business Saturday Tour Bus

    Here I am with the very charming Helen who has the most brilliant business, Gifted Local. Buying online from local businesses who then deliver it by had, how cool is that?? I can't wait for her business to come to Richmond! TBH I don't think Helen needed any mentoring from me as she is absolutely smashing it but it was great chatting about her business ideas.

    Small Business Saturday Tour Bus

    Next up was Kat whose business Little Folk Sing has been delivering singing lessons in her local area for nearly ten years. Kat is so passionate about what she does and I wish I had been able to attend her classes when my kids were younger.


    Small Business Saturday Tour Bus

    It would be rude not to have enjoyed one of these delish customised cupcakes. I think one of our fellow #SmallBiz100 businesses may have made them and if it was you please let me know!

    Small Business Saturday Tour Bus Customised CupCakes

    Although I was a bit appenhensive if I could be of any assistance (imposter syndrome, anyone else suffer from this?) to the mentees,  I really enjoyed being a mentor for the Small Business Saturday Bus Tour. I have since looked into undertaking official training so that I can be a better mentor so watch this space!

    Thank you to Small Business Saturday for involving us so much in their campaign. We are very grateful 💙

    Love Fran

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