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    Fran and Emma Stamptastic attend Small Business Saturday 2019 House of Lords Reception

    Fran and Emma Stamptastic attend Small Business Saturday 2019 House of Lords Reception

    Our Small Business, Stamptastic sells online THE ULTIMATE life hack for parents! Personalised Name Stamps for labelling School Uniform. So no more sewing or ironing labels into School Uniform 🙏🏻 They are a real game changer and you will wish you bought them years ago 😂

    We have been so excited about being featured in this years #SmallBiz100 Small Business Saturday Campaign. 

    To celebrate we recently met with supporter of Small Businesses Sir Vince Cable MP who loved our famous Personalised Name Stamps for School Uniform and had been really looking forward to the House of Lords reception which was held on our official Small Business Saturday day Thursday 5th December!

    Here we are on our arrival posing for the official photos 😀

    Small Business Saturday 2019

    The lady in the middle is the very lovely Michelle Ovens who is the brains behind Small Business Saturday! We had met her before when we won the Best Digital Business at The Small Awards! On her left is Karen Campbell who is an integral part of the Small Business Saturday team. Both are new mums and have worked tirelessy on the Small Business Saturday Campaign during their pregnancy and after 💙

    Small Business Saturday 2019

    It was a chilly day but luckily for us it wasn't raining so we took the opportunity to get some photos in case the weather changed. It's such a great view isn't it?! 

    Small Business Saturday 2019

    Here is the youngest member of the Small Business Saturday Team, Michelle and Tom's daughter! She was so well behaved and it was a delight to have her at the event. Flexible working at it's finest!


    Small Business Saturday 2019

    Zoe Hardwood, TV & Radio broadcaster, podcast host and mother gave a fantastic speech about her passion for her small business and Small Business Saturday.

    Small Business Saturday 2019

    Selfie time with some Small Business Saturday alumni Coleen founder of My Gator Watch and Rowena founder of beautiful Revival Retro Boutique and a journalist called Martin (poor guy 😂) Maybe a little bit of wine had been consumed by this point 🍷

    Small Business Saturday 2019

    Emma meeting the Funky Celebrant Michelle, who wanted to purchase one of our company logo stamps for her small business. Not much alcohol was consumed as you can see by the empty glasses in the foreground 😂

    Small Business Saturday 2019

    It's now become a tradition of mine to get a selfie with Lord Young of Graffham. Lord Young was the host for the wonderful reception for the Top 100 Small Businesses featured in this years Small Business Saturday Campaign. 

    Small Business Saturday 2019 Lord Young of Graffham

    The canapés were delish 😋 and you didn't have to place yourself strategically next to an entrance/exit to make sure you got fed (anyone else do that? Just us? Ok then...👀)

    Small Business Saturday canapés

    Nearing the end of an exciting, action packed exciting week!  Two seminars at the British Library as part of the Innovating for Growth Programme we are currently undertaking, Mentoring on the Small Business Saturday Bus in Walthamstow, our Stamptastic Scummy Mummy Christmas Party and the wonderful House of Lords event on Thursday. My nap on the way home was very much deserved 💤 don't you agree?

    Fran and Emma Stamptastic

    Thank you SO SO much to everyone at Small Business Saturday! Ever since our passed crossed, good things have come our way and Emma and I are eternally grateful for the all the hard work you do.


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    If you own a Small Business we would really REALLY recommend applying for Small Business Saturday 2020!

    Love Fran 💙


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