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    What should be on a Pre School label?

    What should be on a Pre School label?

    A preschool label is a label that identifies a child's name, class, or belongings (such as a backpack, clothing or water bottle) at pre school (or nursery)

    A preschool label should include the first and second name of the child. To assist the child to identify their own belongings it can be useful to add a picture or icon. This means that the child who cannot yet read can recognise the picture and thus identify their belongings.

    Some parents like to include a contact number so that a parent can be contacted to collect lost property. This is particularly helpful when a child is attending a school with a lot more children and lots more lost property. 

    A Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamp can be customised online. The customer can choose from a variety of fonts, font size, number of lines and choose from a wide range of cute pictures to help the child identify their belongings. 

    Personalised Name Stamp

    The label should be easily visible on the child's belongings, such as backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles, and other personal items. This will help ensure that the child's items are easily identifiable and returned to them if misplaced.

    To find out the best way to label nursery clothes here is a helpful blog post to read.


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