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PTA Fundraising - Eid

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We’ve been delighted to get back into bigger and bolder events this year. So we’ve hosted a movie night which the kids loved, and we ran an Easter treasure hunt at the end of Spring term so parents and carers could socialise after school. We also have an ambitious summer fun day planned.


But by far our most popular event to date this year has been our Taste of Eid event. In just one hour we raised over £1,000!


There are 10 ingredients that made the event a success:


  1. We asked parents who regularly volunteer for the PTA and who also celebrate Eid to help recruit cooks. There was huge enthusiasm to share food and culture, so it wasn’t long before we had around 20 families involved
  2. The event was planned to take place immediately after pick-up on a Friday. This is when most parents and carers are around, and it helped to create a relaxed atmosphere.
  3. We set a date that fell close to, but after the Eid celebrations. This meant that anyone celebrating Eid could focus on their family first.
  4. We set up a dedicated WhatsApp to co-ordinate the food people would make. This meant we could compile a menu that suited tastes and budgets. The menu included pakoras that could be bought as a snack through to pre-portioned vegetarian and chicken biryani for 2 people. We also include sweets treats like chocolate coated dates – they were hugely popular!
  5. All the food was labelled for allergy information, and we took particular care to ensure food was nut and sesame free. We also ensured food hygiene standards were high by ensuring servers wore biodegradable food service gloves and used sanitiser.
  6. We had a float of cash, but we also had two card readers. This helped keep queues moving and encouraged people to spend a little more and take home a meal for tea.
  7. We laid out tables according to the types of food on offer, so it was easy to pick up a snack and get back to the playground. The volunteers who baked, served the food.
  8. We kept the school gates open a little longer than usual so people could socialise. This created a special atmosphere as people met up with friends and also made new acquaintances.
  9. One of the teaching assistants decided to put on some music and do some impromptu bhangra dancing. The children absolutely loved this. We’d do this again!
  10. In line with Eid customs to donate to charity, we shared the money raised with Human Appeal.


The event received overwhelmingly positive feedback and really captured the spirit of our school and celebrated the diversity of the wider Manchester community so there’s no doubt it will be a regular fixture for us in future!


Samantha Crowe, PTA Chair Beaver Road Primary School, Didsbury


Samantha is on the Committee of her PTA. Her school, Beaver Road Primary School, Didsbury is an affiliate in The PTA Rewards Scheme! Have you heard about The Stamptastic PTA Rewards Scheme)?! If you would like to find out more please click here If you would like to write a blog post for us in return for a £30 fundraising voucher for your PTA please join our Stamptastic PTA and Schools Facebook Group to find out more!)

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