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New Government Rules To Drive Down The Cost of School Uniform for Families

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Did you know that in November the government issued legally binding guidance to schools to ensure that school uniform is made affordable for all.

Research that the DfE carried out showed that families on average could save £50 by purchasing less expensive non branded school uniform. So from Autumn Term 2022 schools are being required to remove all unnecessary branded school uniform from their school uniform lists and to allow non branded school uniform to be purchased from high street shops and supermarkets. Many families will be breathing a huge sigh of relief that the cost of school uniform will be becoming more afforable especially in light of the impending surge in energy prices. 

In addition schools will be required to ensure that second hand school uniform is available to all. Not only will this help support families financially but the government hopes it will help work towards reducing carbon emissions and the estimated 350,000 tonnes of clothing that ends up in landfill. So if your school doesn't already run Second Hand School Uniform Sales now is the time to get involved!

Many PTAs (Parent, Teacher Associations) have been well ahead of the government on this and up and down the country have been holding second hand school uniform sales (also known as pre loved school uniform sales) for years, if not decades. Second Hand School Uniform Sales are very easy to run. Have a look at our guide here.

It's worth noting that the new guidance will make it even more important to label your kids school uniform. To find out the best way to label school uniform click here  


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To read the government press release 'New rules to drive down cost of school uniform for families' click here

To read the School Wear Association 'Implementing government guidance on school uniform costs' click here






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