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    Parents Are Spending Millions on Replacing Lost School Uniform!

    Parents Are Spending Millions on Replacing Lost School Uniform!

    A New Survey Exposes the Huge Waste and Potential £££ Spent on Lost School Uniform Each Year.

    A staggering 75% of primary school children lose on average 1-2 items of uniform per year, a recent survey from School Labelling Company Stamptastic has found, with 21.5% of those losing 3-5 items. Based on there being 5 million children currently in primary education in the UK, this equates to an alarming 13 million lost items each school year. Both the cost of replacing these and the waste implications on the environment are far from ideal.  

    The survey uncovered that 17% of parents asked have spent between £26 - £50 on replacing the lost items, 4% have spent £51 - £100 and 5% of those questioned over £100. A simple calculation exposes that across the 5 million children in primary education, their parents could be spending anything from a whopping £42 to £65 million between them to replace all the lost items.

     Unsurprisingly, as they are so often taken off, the most frequently lost items were cardigans, jumpers and fleeces, with this accounting for 64% of lost school uniform, the equivalent to 2.4 million missing per year.  This is where labelling solutions brand, Stamptastic comes in, with its ingenious problem-solving name stamps, saving parents time, money and lost property searches for cardigans and jumpers… but also shorts, trousers, backpacks and more!

    Saving the day, Stamptastic’s Personalised Name Stamp and Stamptastic Fabric Ink Pad is simply genius! The nifty name stamp is so easy to use, all you need to do is stamp away, labelling an entire set of school uniform in under 15 minutes (99% of customers surveyed said they labelled an entire set of uniform in under 15 mins).

    The magic ink withholds a minimum of 50 washes on care labels without fading, meaning it really will keep those lost property visits at bay.

    Not only can a Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamp be used on multiple items, including most wellington boots and fabric lunch boxes, once you have one it’s yours to use for years to come – saving you the trouble each new school year of having to panic order more labels. Adding the cute factor, parents can design a truly bespoke label for their little ones, choosing the text, font size and even a novelty icon for the stamper.

    personalised name stamp


    stamptastic ink pad

    Talking about the results Fran Gubbay, co-founder of Stamptastic said:

    “Our new survey has made us more determined than ever to help fellow parents avoid the time consuming and tedious task of labelling school uniform by making it the easiest, quickest, most durable and most fun labelling system possible-to reduce both the back-to-school admin related stress and the pile of lost property at school as well as saving parents their money in the process”


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