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    How can I put my name on clothes?

    How can I put my name on clothes?

    There are lots of different ways for you to put your name on clothes. This depends on the time you have, or are willing to spend, actually putting your name on your clothes. Not to mention the patience you’ll need and the skills that may be required. All these various factors will strongly determine the method you choose to label your clothes.  

    Sew In Name Labels 

    Sew in name labels are considered to be the traditional method for putting your name on clothes. Whether that be you sewing initials onto a baby’s blanket or sewing in a child’s name label into school uniform, sewing in names to personalise clothing items is definitely not a new thing. But just because they are a traditional method of putting names on clothes, it doesn’t necessarily make them the best one now does it? 

    Sewing name labels onto clothes is a very slow method of labelling clothes or school uniform. It takes quite a long time to actually stitch a name tape or initials successfully onto a piece of fabric or name label. You can attempt to do it, but unless you are good at sewing and have the right tools to hand, (sewing kit anyone?) those labels that you painfully sewed in are likely to fall off in the first wash. And it's going to take you AGES!

    Iron On Name Labels 

    Ironed on name labels are a quicker alternative to sew in name labels but again it’s not exactly the most exciting task, is it? You need an iron to hand, you need patience, and you need the inclination to even want to iron in the first place. It’s bad enough having to iron clothes, so adding more to the list doesn’t exactly sound like much fun does it?

    You could have an iron, you could have some patience and you could even have the determination to iron, but if the label still drops off in the washing machine or tumble dryer (which it will), was any of it truly worth it?   

    Fabric Markers 

    The thought has probably come into your head at least once hasn’t it, you could just simply write your name on your clothes. You are right, you can. Fabric marker pens which are also known as laundry marker pens can be used to write on to fabric materials. It seems simple enough too, to just write your name on your clothes with a permanent fabric marker. But the fabric marker pen brings the risk of the ink running and becoming illegible. If the label can’t be read then what is the point? (It's also often really hard to write small enough for the name to be read  easily)

    Clothing Name Stamp 

    A better alternative to sewing in name labels, ironing them on or using a fabric marker pen, would be a Stamptastic clothing name stamp. The clothing stamp is an efficient way of naming your kids' clothes for nursery and school uniform. The personalised name stamp for clothes allows you to design your stamp online choosing from a variety of fonts and font sizes. You can even add a little icon to help your child identify their belongings. 

    The personalised name stamp withholds a minimum of 50 washes on care labels without fading! Stamping is the quickest and easiest way to label school uniform!


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