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    How do you name children’s clothes?

    How do you name children’s clothes?

    There are several different ways to name children’s clothes. Different techniques are used to label different clothing items.  

    Iron On Name Labels 

    I’m sure you’ve heard of iron on labels as a traditional method of ironing on labels. This has been used as a way to label kids clothes for decades. Whilst ironing on clothing labels is an example of one of the commonly used methods for labelling kids' clothes, there have since been many more efficient methods for kids’ clothing labels. Despite being a well-known method, ironing on name labels isn’t always the best solution for labelling clothes because of the length of time it takes and all the effort that is required to do it.  

    First things first, you actually need to have an iron! Along with an actual iron, you need to have a plug socket (obviously), to commence ironing. So ideally, you’d need to be at home to use it. Unless you want to be carrying an iron around, which I highly doubt you would. So, ironing on kids’ name labels, to clothes, on the go is not exactly an option, is it? Aside from that, who even likes ironing anyway? It’s not fun, it’s time-consuming and the labels still fall off anyway. Imagine going to all that effort of ironing for the label to just end up at the bottom of the washing machine or tumble dryer. There are definitely better methods for naming children’s clothes, no need to add to your already large pile of ironing. 

    Sew In Name Labels 

    Ironing on name labels takes ages, but sewing them in? Even longer! You need a sewing kit, some skill (let’s be honest) but most importantly, a whole lot of patience. Sew in school name labels requires time and patience that not all of us have. Not to mention a bandage at the ready in case you happen to prick yourself in the process. Life’s too short to be spending time sewing in your children’s names onto fabric labels.  

    Clothing Name Stamp 

    Your best bet when it comes to labelling children’s clothes is a clothing name stamp. It’s quicker, it's easier and actually quite satisfying. Also known as a fabric stamp, a clothing name stamp is a much better alternative for labelling children’s clothes.

    We all know it’s beneficial to have name labels for clothes and specifically for children’s clothes. As it would be nice to have the clothes you buy for your children actually return home. This is all made possible by good name labels that are attached securely. Not only is a clothing stamp an easy, quick method to label your children’s clothes, it is also as clear and legible as a name label. So, you will definitely be able to clearly identify your children’s clothing item.

    Stamptastic offers clothing name stamps to label children’s clothes which also work well for school uniform name labels. The ink withholds minimum 50 washes on care labels without fading. So you can be sure that your children’s names will be easily identifiable on their clothes. Stamptastic offer custom clothing labels, giving the opportunity for personalised clothing labels to be added to children’s clothes. You can add a personalised icon like a butterfly or football to go alongside your children’s names which works perfectly for the little ones who aren’t yet confident readers. They will instead recognise a personalised icon they’ve chosen and easily identify their clothing items. 

    As opposed to sewing or ironing in name labels which is time consuming and require much more effort, Stamptastic produces personalised clothing stamps that are suitable for labelling kids’ clothes and particularly useful for school name labels.  This is a quicker and more efficient way to name children’s clothes, through the use of a clothing stamp that can customise the labels on children’s clothes. The personalised stamps for clothing are ideal to name children’s clothes with as they can be used quickly and repeatedly for children’s clothes and school uniform.  Labelling children’s clothes has never been so easy!


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