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    Starting School Free Resource: Robot Game!

    Starting School Free Resource: Robot Game!

    This week in our Starting School 14 week series we have been looking at Communication skills, listening, speaking and following instructions.

    Communication skills are needed in school so that children can participate effectively in play, build friendships, express feelings, needs, concerns and ideas, follow instructions and participate in learning. Communication is usually a two way process and can involve language, facial expressions and gesture. Listening skills are a very important part of communicating effectively. 

    TOP TIPS Provide opportunities that allow your child the space and time for communication. Listen carefully to your child.... BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL. Respond by repeating back what has been said with improvements eg: “want go park” “you want to go to the park?’ Ask open ended questions that encourage children to use their language in an age appropriate way.

    If you have a child starting primary school in September you may find this fun robot game a good free resource to play with your child to encourage listening skills.





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